Our mission is to serve you by rekindling relationships and building new ones while experiencing the excitement and bond traveling ignites.  Designing customized journeys that allows you to relax while we do the planning, research and personalization of your travel dreams helps maximize the value of your time and money.

At Boots to Journeys we understand the meaning of “Boots on the ground”. It speaks to those who have taken the oath to protect and defend. It means you have seen and experienced things many do not understand and spent time away from your family and friends with remarkable bravery.  Regardless of where your boots have taken you to defend and protect this country there is a common bond we all share.  At the end of the day or end of a career we enjoy feeling the comfort, relaxation and fulfillment associated with our boot laces touching the floor and having our “boots on the ground”.


Boots to Journeys is a great fit whether you are (Ready to Experience Travel In Remarkable, Exciting Destinations [Retired]) every day, or just on leave and looking to get away from the daily grind.  You are only steps away from feeling the mist of a waterfall on your face and the refreshing coolness at your feet in a rain forest.

Touching toes in the sand of your favorite Caribbean island while hearing the sound of the ocean heal your soul.  Couples can get a massage and then have a romantic candlelight dinner on your balcony with awesome view.


Stand in amazement of the view from a mountain top you have conquered in the Greek isles while taking an All-Inclusive Cruise aboard a luxury liner.


Walk the beaches of Normandy and experience the history as it comes to life.  Paying respect to those who have given their all for our freedom.  We stand ready to support you, and know Boots to Journeys is the right fit for you!