We are excited to bring to you Trivia you can use.  Not only will you increase your knowledge but you will also have fun and learn great tips on each of the destinations.
1. _______ has Fallen, is a movie that was released in 2016.
2. 1LT David Hill Henry Jr. who graduated from Clemson is buried in _________?
3. All Roads lead to ___________.
4. What is the largest state in the United States?
5. What is Europe's most Mountainous country?
6. What Country has the largest population of Tigers?
7. Which Country holds an event every 10 years to celebrate the passion play since 1664?
8. What country can you bobsled in while enjoying a beautiful tropical view?
9. Canals are famous for navigating through this Italian city.
10. Water surrounds this state and even divides it muliple times.
11. Where will the Tigers be playing for the 2018 National Championship in January 2019?
12. The #1 requested travel destination is?