Boots to Journeys selected for STAR program at Cruise World 2019

Annually the cruise industry holds a conference called CruiseWorld. A select number of screened professional Travel Advisors are selected for the CruiseWorld’s STAR (Select Travel Advisor Recognition) Program. It is a hosted opportunity designed to support the success of travel advisors by immersing each "STAR" in an enhanced and intensive VIP CruiseWorld experience.

The "STAR Program participants engage in unique and customized programming at CruiseWorld that allows for exclusive event content and private, face-to-face supplier interaction—maximizing the onsite experience."

We are honored to have the opportunity to interact with high level CEO's and representatives with the different cruise lines and additional travel corporations as well. In every business relationships are important and reflect into a better customer experience for our clients on their Journey. We are excited about the opportunities that have been presented to us and being selected in the STAR program.

As an Independent Contractor with Gifted Travel Network an affilate of Virtuoso, we continue to strive to increase our knowledge in the industry to bring uniquely designed experiences to our clients.