Boots to Journeys, LLC A veteran owned agency, leads group to Normandy raising funds for the Nationa

The National Guard Association with its corporate partner Boots to Journeys, LLC announces that the Normandy & Paris experience successfully completed its Journey with 21 travelers and was able to generate a great revenue stream at the same time. For over fifteen months there has been extensive planning and coordination to ensure the 75-year Anniversary trip was presented in a way that history was brought to life while walking the sacred grounds of the D-day landing sites. This immersive experience of many World War II sites continues to be a critical piece of our nations history and those who served our country. Their sacrifice should never be forgotten and will not be for those who visited in October.

The National Guard Education Foundation (NGEF) is tasked with preserving the history and monument which is located at Omaha beach. This trip has now become one of the great opportunities for those traveling to donate a portion toward the foundations mission. We are very pleased to announce that our goal of $10,000 was reached this year. Each participant donated $500 toward the NGEF allowing support of educating future generations, preserving history and continue telling the untold stories of hero’s past and present. Boots to Journeys is very pleased to be associated with a powerful organization such as this.

“A trip of a lifetime.”

This is one of many powerful and inspiring comments and reviews from the trip. Boots to Journeys and Insight Vacations took due diligence to go the extra step. Such special moments, organized by Boots to Journeys, included raising an American flag overlooking Omaha Beach that was then presented to each family. Treats and stories were sprinkled along the way by our excellent tour director “Emmanuel”. The little things were always taken care of so that everyone could absorb the magnitude of the experience. Transportation, luggage, meals and the schedule can’t be taken for granted. From outstanding and very engaging guides at the “peace museum” to the allied forces Canadian museum at Juno Beach exceeded everyone’s expectations. The breath-taking views along the cliffs of La Pointe de Hoc and of the beautiful countryside sparked the imagination. Our stop at the beautiful Claude Monet gardens provided a refreshing comfort to all, that reflected a peace we all seek from the war’s damage. As we wrapped up our trip with a tour of Paris with views from the top of the Eiffel tower, we all grew closer sharing new friendships that will last for a lifetime. Hugs, smiles, food and wine are memories shared that helped make a sacred location (Normandy) into “A trip of a lifetime”.

2020 and beyond.

The tremendous success of this customized immersive experience must continue for those who have never experienced Normandy. We look forward to seeing you in October 2020. We encourage those young, old, civilians, veterans, couples, families and more to experience this moving experience. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or drop us an email at for any of your vacation or group needs.

Michael Pickens

CW5, retired

Boots to Journeys, LLC

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