Using caution while traveling to the Riviera Maya

Have you ever heard someone say Riviera Maya is not the safest? It is a common misconception. While other parts of Mexico are certainly dangerous, The Riviera Maya and the neighboring town of Cancun aren’t nearly as bad as the media makes them out to be. To put it simply, The Riviera Maya is a tourist spot, which means the locals are eager for your business and are pretty serious about keeping some of the dangerous elements of Mexico out. The Riviera Maya is a breathtaking place that is just begging to be explored. That said, there some things you should know, to make the most out of a Riviera Maya excursion.

Take it slow and easy

There are a lot of things that you can do while in the Riviera Maya. If you are only there a few days keep in mind to pace yourself and enjoy the beauty around you. Relax on the beach, by the pool or take in a show. You don't want your vacation to be so busy you are exhausted when you return home.

Watch Out for the Heat

While The Riviera Maya offers truly stunning natural landscapes, the whole region can become overwhelmingly hot and humid from June on through October. The summer months may be peak vacation time, but they can also put the unprepared at risk for heat stroke. On the subject of heat and summer, mosquitos are out in full swing during this season. So, if you’re planning to visit The Riviera Maya during summer, pack some bug repellent.

Rules on Food and Water

The subject of food and water is a hot-button issue for first-time travelers to The Riviera Maya. For one, you shouldn’t drink the tap water in Mexico, as in some instances it will make you sick. Instead, you should also ask for bottled water while in restaurants, since they'll likely serve unfiltered tap water by default. Street food is a potential danger as well, as there is no telling whether or not a street vendor properly prepared the food or adequately cleaned their cooking space. In these instances, it helps to have the ‘golden cage’ of a hotel or resort to escape to from time to time.

Feel Safe to Explore

While it helps to use a resort as a home base during your trip, you should try and explore. You should talk with your travel advisor about taking excursions before you arrive. They have an insight on what is recommended by true reviews of the properties but also activities and excursions. If you want to experience a genuine taste of Mexico, make sure you mention this to your advisor. The Riviera Maya is not the dangerous, crime-ridden place the news reports it to be. If you take a chance and explore The Riviera Maya is a beautiful raw natural fantastic place that has a lot to offer.