For many, the words ‘cruise’ and ‘wildlife’ are not thought of at the same time. Alaskan wildlife is a draw for travelers no matter how they explore the state. Here are a few ways to see Alaskan wildlife on a cruise.

how to see the wildlife in Alaska

Small Cruises

A small cruise is full of perks for wildlife-watchers. While on a smaller cruise, like Lindblad Expeditions cruise ships or Alaska Adventure Cruises, you will be able to gain access to small inlets that a large ship could not. Alaskan cruises usually have wildlife experts on board as well, so you can ask more questions and you are likely to have more engaging conversations since you won’t have to vie for attention. Travelers can also whale-watch from the ships and see humpback whales, orcas, porpoises, puffins and sea lions.

Large Cruises

If you want to live the life of luxury while seeing a bald eagle overhead and still enjoy shore excursions to see wildlife, try a large ship. Those who thrive in a crowd will enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, eat great food and still go to shore during the day to see Alaskan wildlife. With a large cruise, they dock in large ports where you can go whale watching and journey farther inland without having to worry about packing.

Day Cruises

If cruising to Alaska doesn’t appeal to you, or the cost is a deterrent, but you still want to experience an Alaskan Wildlife cruise, try a day cruise. You can fly into Alaska and then hop on a day cruise to see classic Alaskan sights and animals, like seals, bears and giant shelves of ice. The option for a day cruise is the most affordable and attainable. A day cruise to the glaciers of Alaska will reward you with sights of puffins, seals and whales.

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