Which cruise line is the best?

This answer is based on you our client. One of the great advantages of booking with us is we ask questions that match you based on your travel personality. Each cruise line has its own personality and is designed to a specific demographic or population. Family, party, adventure, or relaxation.

Can you book a group or meeting space for us?

Yes, we have an agent that specifically manages our group/meeting request. We also handle group trips to All-inclusive properties, river and ocean cruises.

When is the best time of year to travel to _________?

We get this question a good bit especially with Alaska, but the answer lies within your travel window and we will advise on the opportunities available.

Do you price match cheap vacations on the internet?

We have found that the locations advertised as “cheap” usually do not meet up to the standards our clients desire. We strive to ensure you receive the BEST Value overall. We make every effort to prepare you for cost you make incur from the beginning to the end.

Are formal nights required on my trip?

Cruise ships have formal nights which can range from 1-2 nights depending on the length of the cruise. We can advise you of which cruise line (ocean or river) will have formal nights. It is your option to eat at another location that evening if you prefer. Some all-inclusive resorts don’t have formal nights but require a certain dress code.

Have you been to __________?

We have been to a lot of countries in Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. If we haven’t been to a certain place, we can find out as much information on this destination within our network of agents with honest reviews of a given property or special must do items at that location.

Can I make payments toward our trip?

Yes, we can set up a payment plan for you that will work with your budget. Keep in mind different suppliers have varying requirements on final payment which we will research and provide a plan for you.

Do you charge a service fee?

Please refer to our services page for detailed information.

Why do I need travel insurance?

Travel Insurance is always recommended in case something happens before or during your trip. There are several options available and we can connect you with one of our Travel Protection companies for specific questions.

Can I get a window or isle seat on my flight?

We will make every effort to assign you to your requested seat. Keep in mind most airlines now charge for preferred seating which can include window and aisle assigned seating or extra legroom. We do not control the fees, or the seating so please keep this in mind if you purchase a basic fare ticket.