The history, the cuisine, the architecture, the culture are all great reasons to visit Italy.  There are a multitude of choices available to fit your travel personality.  We have visited and designed many trips for families, couples young and seasoned that is not what we want but what works best for you!  Italy is a fascination destination and your Journey can be a one-time visit or we can plan a strategic travel goal over multiple trips and as time permits.    


Italy is a boot-shaped peninsula in Southern Europe.  It is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.  The location of Italy has played a very important part of its history.  Mountains crisscross the interior of Italy, which divides it up into different 20 regions.  Italy is bordered on the northwest by France, on the north by Switzerland and Austria, and to the east by Slovenia.  


Italy has been the home of many European cultures.  It is the birthplace of the Renaissance.  Rome is the capital city of Italy and has been the center of Western civilization.  Vatican City is the center of the Catholic Church. 


Italy has made a huge contribution to the European culture and all the world. Famous writers and artists have made a huge influence on the development of Western civilization.  


Tourism plays a huge contributor to the Italian economy. Over 40 million tourist a year visit Italy for their art, cuisine, history, culture and fashion.  There are 24 National Parks located throughout Italy.  


Football (soccer) and Cycling are very popular sports in Italy.  




The best months for visiting Italy are April to June or September to October.  May and June are when you will see the highest price for hotels in Rome and Florence.  August is the worst month to visit.  Not only is the weather very uncomfortably hot and muggy but most Italians go on vacation.  Many hotels, restaurants and shops will close during this time of year.  Most head to the beach or spas to get away from the fast pace.    


Easter is considered one of the most major calendar events in Italy especially in Rome and Milan.  Different cultural traditions and religious ceremonies happen during the Easter season.


Visiting Italy depends on if you like snow-capped mountains or sunny beaches.  



In the summer time it is warm all over Italy.  It can get very hot anywhere inland in Italy.  The higher temperatures start in May and can last until October.  The rainy months are in October and November.  Winters in northern Italy are cold with rain and snow.  Milan, Turin and Venice gets the hollowing winds from the mountains.  In the southern part of Italy the weather is warmer in the winter.  




Shop in Milan

Climb Florence’s Duomo

Eat pizza in Naples

Go back in time at Pompeii

Sail the Ligurian Coast

Get lost in Venice

Wine taste at Chianti Estate

Attend mass at St. Peter’s Basilica

Find all the “David” statues in Florence

Gondola ride in Venice’s Grand canal


The official language in Italy is Italian.



The local currency of France is Euros.  Credit cards or debit cards are accepted at more places.  There are local ATM machines which will give you Euros.  



It is not customary to tip in Italy.  A service charge of 10%-15% is already added to your bill for the service you receive in restaurants.  If the service is outstanding it is okay to leave an additional tip.  



U.S. citizens must have a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay in France.  No visa is required unless you are staying past 90 days.  Children must also have their own passports.