Norwegian Encore Inaugural Sailing and Ceremony Selection

We have been selected to participate in the Inaugural sailing and naming ceremony of the Norwegian Encore. A distinguished number of highly respected travel advisors and special guest have been chosen to experience the newest cruise ship to enter service. Michael and Shannon Pickens were selected by invitation only through Gifted Travel Network and Virtuoso to represent and experience this opportunity. Advisors were selected based on sales goals, client reviews and the projected growth pattern of their relationship, expertise and experience with Norwegian cruise line. The ceremony will take place on November 21, 2019 and highlights entertainers, performers and the Godmother Kelly Clarkson

Boots to Journeys, LLC A veteran owned agency, leads group to Normandy raising funds for the Nationa

The National Guard Association with its corporate partner Boots to Journeys, LLC announces that the Normandy & Paris experience successfully completed its Journey with 21 travelers and was able to generate a great revenue stream at the same time. For over fifteen months there has been extensive planning and coordination to ensure the 75-year Anniversary trip was presented in a way that history was brought to life while walking the sacred grounds of the D-day landing sites. This immersive experience of many World War II sites continues to be a critical piece of our nations history and those who served our country. Their sacrifice should never be forgotten and will not be for those who visi

Boots to Journeys selected for STAR program at Cruise World 2019

Annually the cruise industry holds a conference called CruiseWorld. A select number of screened professional Travel Advisors are selected for the CruiseWorld’s STAR (Select Travel Advisor Recognition) Program. It is a hosted opportunity designed to support the success of travel advisors by immersing each "STAR" in an enhanced and intensive VIP CruiseWorld experience. The "STAR Program participants engage in unique and customized programming at CruiseWorld that allows for exclusive event content and private, face-to-face supplier interaction—maximizing the onsite experience." We are honored to have the opportunity to interact with high level CEO's and representatives with the different crui

Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia – a potpourri of culture

There is a running joke among Cape Bretoners that when a causeway between mainland Nova Scotia and the island was constructed and opened in August 1955, that was the month when Cape Breton Island decided to allow Canada to join it – instead of the other way around! They are a proud people, these island folk, many of whom have roots dating back to the first Scottish settlers of the 1600s, who, upon “discovering” the island, felt they were at home in their highlands. (The name Nova Scotia – Latin for New Scotland – was penned by the writer and colonizer Sir William Alexander in 1621.) Sydney is the largest community on the island and has become a popular cruise ship port in recent years. You c