Boston is a city of firsts

Boston is one of those American cities firmly embedded in the nation’s psyche…you may automatically think of the Red Sox, the Marathon, the Tea Party or, if you’re a fan of pop culture, the birthplace of actor brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg! You’ll begin your scenic early autumn week in this historic capital city of Massachusetts. It is the first and only state capital in the contiguous USA with an ocean coastline (and a 43-mile public walkway along the shore called The Boston Harborwalk). You heard it here first. It’s a city known for other national “firsts”: the first public park (Boston Common, 1634); the first subway (1897); the first public beach (Revere Beach); the first pol

Top Food Lover Tips For Visiting Budapest

One thing is for sure Budapest is full of wonders. No matter why you are visiting, whether it’s to take in all the detailed architecture, to soak in the history, or to enjoy all of the natural sites, don’t leave without indulging in the delicious authentic dishes served throughout the nation. Your palette will be excited with all the rich flavors. To guide you to some of the best spots to grab food in Budapest, we’ve created a list of food lover tips for your visit… 1. You most certainly can’t leave Budapest without trying one it’s most traditional foods, langos. Langos is a flat bread that is deep fried in fat and can be served plain or smothered with cheese blends and other flavorful topp