How sweet is Paris?

We all love to have something sweet on occasion. Paris is sweet on the eye, sweet on the romance and sweet on the taste buds. It is a sugar lover’s dream and the only issue you’ll have when it comes the delectable French deserts is which one to choose from. We are here to help you navigate that yummy last course we’ve broken down the top 10 must try deserts for your visit to France. As you can see we are not numbering these in any order because we want you to be the judge of which is your favorite. If you have to eat more than one a day on your Journey just to get through them? Well, c’est la vie! 10 Sweet Treats to Eat While Visiting Paris The Tartes Aux Fruits – The tartes aux fruits are

Guide to Seeing Rome in 3 Days

Italy is one of the top destinations we are asked about. You can't visit Italy without seeing Rome. It is an extraordinary capital and it can take weeks or more to get in all the sites, cuisine and culture. Travelling can often be stressful when visiting a place that has so much to offer, but this list will pinpoint the absolute best places to visit if time is limited. Day 1 - Vatican, St. Peter’s, Trastevere In order to get the most out of your day, start early! You want to arrive at the Vatican in the morning to beat the crowds. Be sure to dress humbly in reverence of the religious city-state. Take an early walk and explore the global city streets. You can sit on the gorgeous Spanis