Top Movies about London

I always enjoy a great movie. Especially ones with James Bond or action films like London has fallen or The Bourne series. Of course there are some other great movies that inspire travel and the impulse to have a selfie in front of that famous architectural wonder highlighted in the film. Movies have such a powerful effect on our imagination and no doubt they have influenced many people by inspiring them to travel to their favorite movie or television locations. If London is on your travel bucket list be sure to check out these movies to get you and your travel companion in the mood. Trying to convince a group of friends to go with you? These movies will help! What’s your favorite movie se

What are the best areas in London?

Have you ever wondered where the best areas are in London? London is just like any other big city. It has its areas where you want to be and areas you want to shy away from. Below is a list of areas and neighborhoods one of our business partners has extensive knowledge of as she lived there for many years. We value Sandra’s advice along with thousands of her followers. Sightseeing: South Bank and Bankside When it comes to sightseeing, South Bank and Bankside are great for sightseeing locations such as London Eye, Tate Modern, the Shard and the City of London. This isn't the best place to stay as hotels are limited in these areas. South Kensington is great for museums and shopping; hotels te